The 5 Coolest Airports in the World

There are some really amazing airports around the world, offering proof that travel really is about the journey, not just the destination.

From animals roaming around, to beautiful architecture, to slightly frightening runways, take a gander at the world’s coolest airports.

1. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Traveling is stressful, but less-so when you go through Madrid. The architects of this masterpiece were very precise in their usage and placement of illumination, installed glass panes instead of walls, and built domes in the roof in order to allow for natural light to pass through; all of which help to lower the stress levels of travelers.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas AirportMadrid-Barajas Airport | © mookiefl/Flickr

Flights to Madrid, Spain

2. Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Airport was given the title of World’s Best Airport for five straight years by Skytrax, aka the Golden Globes of air travel. Changi is also one of the busiest airports for passenger and air traffic. Rooftop pools, free movie theatres (!), a butterfly garden complete with 1,000 butterflies, and a 40 ft. (12 m.) high slide between the floors of Terminal 3. Never has going from gate to gate been so much fun.

Singapore Changi AirportDeparture – Changi Airport | © Lip Jin Lee/Flickr

3. Denver International Airport

Denver may just take the cake. Is there anything better than the love of an animal when you’re stressed out, anxiety-ridden or nervous? The Canine Airport Therapy Squad (ironically, CATS for short) is an organization that takes therapy dogs throughout the airport as a way to support fliers in need of a fluffy hug. These dogs are trained and certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and are great at their jobs: giving love to, and de-stressing travelers who are expecting everything but precious puppy love at their gate.
Denver International Airport

Flights to Denver, Colorado, USA

4. Wellington International Airport

The city of Wellington, since the debut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, has marketed itself as the center of Middle-Earth. That being said, the airport has outdone itself by building massive installations throughout the property that represent iconic scenes and characters from the movies. Among them, a huge head of Smaug the dragon with BLINKING EYES and smoke, plus a massive Gandalf who is flying on an eagle with a wingspan that is an impressive 50 ft. long.

wellington airportWellington Airport | © masa osada/Flickr

Flights to Wellington, New Zealand

5. Courchevel Altiport

Located in the French Alps near the borders of Italy and Switzerland, Courchevel has the highest tarmacked runway in Europe. Measuring just 1,762 ft. (537 m.), it is not long enough to safely accommodate most types of planes. In addition, its difficult approach, up-slope, uneven runway, and the very close-by ski runs make it one of the most dangerous, albeit beautiful, airports in the world.

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