With a giant volcanic ash cloud paralyzing air travel across Europe many passengers are stuck in the weird in-between world of airportlandia while they wait for mother nature to clear the skies. Turns out that when clouds of volcanic ash delays your flight you’re not entitled to compensation by the airline, so many have been forced to camp out at airports. Many for two days and perhaps longer. What’s an airport’s responsibility when this occurs?

The Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has decided that extending as much hospitality as possible is the way to go. They’re prepared for events like this and have made available free beds and personal hygiene kits. There is some free food and wandering entertainment for stranded passengers too. Plus they’ve even opened the liquor stores, which must lend to a festive attitude.

We hope that if you’re stranded in an airport due to the volcanic ash cloud that you’re being treated well. And we’re doing a little rain dance for you to help clear up the skies soon.

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