Across Italy’s Veneto region is one of the most charming places I have ever visited and it takes a mere 2.5 hours on the Eurostar train to get there from Milan. I’m talking about Venice, Italy.

Venice Hotels

I split my stay between two hotels, the Best Western Cavalletto and the San Marco Palace. Both of which are located in the Piazza San Marco and both were absolutely great. The San Marco Palace is a suite hotel with a small reception hotel team while the Best Western was very friendly and is located just one minute away from San Marco Palace! It has a larger welcoming lobby and the team is bigger as well.San Marco Palace, Venice

My Favorite Places in Venice

My favorite place in the Venice mainland is Bistrot De Venise. You will never forget watching the gondolas go by on the canals at this very charming restaurant. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant, you will also enjoy Al Chianti in the evening, when the square is less crowded making the restaurant is simply splendid. For great, authentic Italian food I recommend Ai Mercanti.Venice, Italy

Venice Shopping

For the shopping lovers, expect to find bookstores and a lot of places to buy glassware. There is a market located right by the Rialto Bridge where you can find all the handicrafts that your heart desires.Rialto Bridge, Venice


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