Updated App is Easy, and Comes With $25 Off!

Developers at Last Minute Travel Deals have updated the app for Android and iOS, and it appears that the Marketing Team has wiggled their way in to offer a $25 instant savings code for hotels!


The wiz-kids (and I checked, they’re all fairly young) fixed some things under the hood to make sure the app is compatible with IOS 9, and have added cool graphics, and easy-to-use map features.

Users can find many deals up to 60% off other travel apps because the booking is powered by Tourico Holidays, America’s largest wholesale travel company that’s been around for more than 20 years, and has some of the best technology in the industry.


Book all your travel needs within the Last Minute Travel Deals app, including: Flights; Hotels; Car Rentals; Activities; Airport Transfers and more.



See positive reviews for the app from Travelmole, Travel Daily News, Mobile Commerce Daily, and more.


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