9 Amazing, Creative Hotels – Which is Your Favorite?

1 – Dutch House Hotel

I’ll start with my favorite of the new batch. It was designed by the WAM architects to look like a bunch of stacked up Dutch houses. Perhaps something close to LEGO blocks too.

Dutch House Hotel

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam – Zaandam, Netherlands

(Flickr User: bartvandamme)

2 – Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Lapland, Norway

(Flickr User: ezioman)

3 – Wigwam Motel

Wigwam Motel

Holbrook, Arizona

(Flickr User: caveman_92223)

4 – Teepee Hotel

TeePee Hotel

(I grew up going here about once a summer. Never got to stay in the Teepees, however.)

Kah-Nee-Ta, Oregon

(Flickr User: Lyza)

5 – Cave Hotel

Cave Hotel

Urgup, Turkey

(Flickr User: devittj)

6 – Luke Skywalker’s Home

Star Wars set Hotel

Hotel Sidi Driss (actual set used in Star Wars films), Matmata, Tunisia

(Flickr User: stml)

7 – Scottish Castle

Scottish Castle Hotel

Mansfield Castle Hotel

(Flickr User: conner395)

8 – Hotel made out of salt

Salt Hotel

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

(Flickr User: wili)

9 – Hotel built over a lake

Hotel over Lake

Lake of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

(Flickr User: tambako)

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3 Comments on “9 Amazing, Creative Hotels – Which is Your Favorite?

  1. We stay in Sewage Pipe Motels whenever we get the chance! They are lovely and peaceful. I wish there were some in the states.

  2. Staying at any of these hotels would be a treat. If I had to pick one, the Cave Hotel in Turkey would be my choice for an adventure. Thanks to the photographer(s)!

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