Miami is known as the Magic City, and after reading this post you’ll understand why. The food here is truly magical.


Go for the crab, the octopus, any kind of fish, the shrimp, the sushi-it’s all insanely delicious and fresh here.


Miami takes fine dining to a whole new level. When the luxury cuisine crosses paths with the heavy Latin American influence, your taste buds have essentially reached the highest level of heaven possible.


(Boozy) brunch is an important staple in most big cities. In Miami, the sweeter the brunch the better. We’re talking waffles, loaded french toast, pancakes and lots and lots of maple syrup.


Brush up on your Spanish and order a coffee from a ventanita at 3:05 pm, Miami’s official cafecito time, and you’ll blend in perfectly.

Pan con Lechón

Tender, shredded roast pork with sautéed onions and lime juice on a toasted Cuban roll or French baguette. Yum.

coppelia pan con lechon | ©Krista/Flickr

Anything and Everything Cuban

The city’s large Cuban population means the Cuban cuisine options are endless. Be sure to try a Cuban burger which has chorizo mixed in with the beef and is topped with matchstick fries.

Florida – West Miami: El Mago de la Fritas – Frita Caballo | ©Wally Gobetz/Flickr

Fresh Juice

Just trust us on this one.

Fried Chicken ‘n Waffles

Some turn their noses up to this, but this combination is about as southern as it gets and coincidentally as tasty as it gets. The crunchiness and saltiness of fried chicken meets the sweetness and crip-softness of the waffle. A trip to the south is not a trip to the south if there isn’t any fried chicken and waffles involved.

Chicken & Waffle | ©Jeffrey Chiang/Flickr

Pastrami Sandwich

Miami is known for its delis. With delis comes pastrami sandwiches, and Miami is the king of both.


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