Trip To Ecuador

When I started planning to go to Ecuador, I was very excited because Ecuador was close to Colombia, my home country. I have not been back in my country for more than eight years.

The beginning of the trip to Ecuador:

The first city was Guayaquil. It was a great city but very hot. While riding the taxi from the airport, the taxi driver decided to check if our bags were still in the open-trunk every time we stopped at a traffic light. What I great start, ah??? Any way…we arrived to our hotel at the Best Western, checked in and ran downstairs to a great tour of the city in the afternoon. The tour guy was very knowledgeable of the history and culture of the city.

Año Viejo

The best thing I liked about this city was the toys hanging on the street for the Año Viejo (This toys are only in the street when December gets close by since it’s a tradition to burn a character that you pick to welcome the New Year) and the iguanas at the different parks. I liked the toys because they reminded me of my childhood, and the iguanas because I had never seen then before. Also I like Malecon 2000, which has great restaurants overlooking at the sea and a fantastic view (just recommend to go in the day time).

Our second stay in Ecuador was Cuenca. It made a big impact on me. At the airport, there were lots of children asking for money and also looking for food in the trash cans. It was really sad, but aside from this the people look warm, nice and very honest. When we arrived to the hotel, we felt in love. It was a really great place. In the entire stay in Ecuador, we received the best service in this place. The hotel is really not a hotel, is a hostal but the best hostal you have ever seen. Its called Hostal Posada del Angel; great people, great service. It felt like I was with family.

Cuenca is a little cute town that you can feel really safe. There are great bar, amazing restaurants like La Mansion Del Belalcazar-what a great place!!! It is beautiful and perfect. That night we had great fun. Cuenca was really the best city for me in all the three big cities that we went to. It is such a great place with great people.

Our next city was Quito. It was very cold. Our hotel had the worst service but it was really fancy. At least our beds were very comfortable. A phone call there was $2.00 a minute, while in Cuenca it was $0.10. I don’t even want to remember how much I paid there in phone calls. We did a lot of touring and shopping, especially in Octavalo market. One of the things that I most liked when I went to Quito was the bike-ride tour. When we rode the bikes, it was very scary. I really thought I was going to fall. We rode from the volcano to the main park. One of the greatest attractions in Quito is La Mitad del Mundo. This place was amazing!!! Here you can buy your souvenirs as in Octavalo Market. See the video below for an example of one of the experiments that they perform at La Mitad del Mundo.

Experiments in Mitad del Mundo Quito Ecuador

Hope you guys like my ideas.

take care and happy trip!

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