Social Travel Websites?

Plane in Sunset Sky is a travel booking site that allows users to access exclusive hotel rates by sharing on social media. While the so-called ‘discount’ travel sites spend billions on advertising, TravelPony grows on word-of-mouth marketing, saving members hundreds on hotel bookings.

Choose from more than 20,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, while saving up to 45% off retail rates found elsewhere. When you share a post, Tweet, or simply brag about the site through your social media, you’ll be rewarded with discounts and savings.

TravelPony is the fastest growing travel site today. Why? Because unlike the Big Travel Sites who spend billions advertising, they put their marketing budget to work by offering far better prices on hotels than they do. All that is asked is that members help spread the word – though Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or even word of mouth.

It’s a simple concept, but it’s never been done before. And it’s working, big time!

Launched in 2013, TravelPony now has 20,000 hotels in fabulous destinations all over the world. Every day, thousands of TravelPony members are telling thousands of their friends about the new way to save. As one TravelPony member posted, “TravelPony is like crowdsourcing hotel rooms…”

Call it “crowdsourcing”. Call it part of the “new sharing economy”. Or, just call it plain “clever”. The bottom line is a better way to deliver low prices on hotels to members. Prices that those Big Sites can’t deliver because they’re too busy spending Billions – with a ‘B’ – of dollars on advertising every year!

I’ll LIKE that!

4 Comments on “Social Travel Websites?

  1. Hi Erica,

    Great review of Thank you. We’re definitely trying to do something different in the space by cutting out the time that people spend gathering information about things to do. Our Planit button offers a personalized itinerary for you at the click of a button. But, the planning tool itself is also flexible enough that you can still create trips anywhere and make changes easily in a calendar interface.

    In addition, we try to save you more time during the trip by offering access to your itinerary and also the ability to search for nearby things to do and see.

    And, remembering and sharing your trip is even easier with our travel microblogging. You can update your trip journal with text and pictures in real-time and allow friends to follow your latest developments. The microblog also automatically tags each entry with the appropriate activity, ratings and time.

  2. If only. I find that it often provides trips which are not actually correct (e.g. not available) and it is easy to make the trip incorrect without any warning. As a result, its a nice gimmick, but wouldnt give me the confidence i need that everything will work out when i get to my destination.

  3. @If Only: I’m assuming that when you said “trips which are not actually correct” that you are referring to the individual items on your itinerary. Is that correct?

    The recommendation engine should be taking into account the hours of operation and the days when the items are open. Do you have some examples where this is not working properly? We’d be happy to check up on those and ensure that everything is working properly. Since we just launched our beta a week ago, there might be a few bugs here and there. But, we’ve been seeing that the information has been pretty accurate so far.

    Also, if you were to move the items to a time slot when it is not open, we don’t have a warning system for that in place just yet.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Great site and a great concept! Let us know about any new updates to the website here.

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