There are a lot of perks to offering good perks. Whether you are an employer or an employee, traveling has the potential to benefit everyone. It can improve your state of mind and your health, and even benefits the workplace as travel is proven to improve morale, productivity and much more. Don’t believe it? Keep reading and you will.

Time spent away from the office improves productivity and moraleWhy Travel is the #1 Most Sought-After Benefit

Nothing evokes childlike wonder like being in a place where you’re unaware of and oblivious to just about everything. When you are unable to speak the local language, you are forced to converse in the most elementary manner in order to get the slightest sense of how things work. Upon returning and realizing how capable you are of harmoniously interacting with anyone anywhere, you suddenly lift the borders of your own personal world.

Those who master this and are able to communicate with anyone, regardless of age, status, ethnicity, race or native language, are more likely to find common ground with anyone they interact with, making them a hot commodity for any company. With communication comes respect, insight and success.

Vacations improve your overall healthWhy Travel is the #1 Most Sought-After Benefit

Rest and restart: those are the keywords here. Taking time off to do the things we love promotes a revived sense of purpose to our lives outside of the office and allows quality time for necessary, often neglected, self-care habits. For example: getting a full night’s sleep and relieving stress, which will drastically improve your overall quality of life. Stress relief alone increases your mental and physical health, and decreases your susceptibility to almost every disease.

Taking time to travel leads to high-quality management skillsWhy Travel is the #1 Most Sought-After Benefit

Those who travel must be financially conscious and must be able to manage their time wisely, two highly sought-after skills that are invaluable in the working world.

Traveling often means making sacrifices in everyday life in order to reach a financial goal you have made for yourself to afford the trip you have on your mind. Setting and committing to monetary goals are some of the most valuable traits that an employee can offer. Those who travel regularly or long-term are only able to do so because they have mastered the art of budgeting.

Another important aspect of traveling is the ability to schedule; to make the most of a new destination by researching local activities and scheduling as much as you can in your limited time. The ability to decide where to go, when to go, how to go, and who to go with are extremely important decisions to make. Doing so shows that you are decisive and ready to take on any potential obstacle – an important asset in the workplace.

Travel gives you perspectiveWhy Travel is the #1 Most Sought-After Benefit

Meeting people from other cultures teaches you not only about others but also about yourself. It changes the way you’ve been looking at yourself and the world around you, and often encourages a bit of a change in the way you choose to live your life. Your point of view may have some blind spots that you didn’t even know existed. Seeing the world and how others live their lives improves your outlook and vision.

Travel gives you a sense of accomplishmentWhy Travel is the #1 Most Sought-After Benefit

With all the time, effort and skill it requires to plan a trip, one must be open to being challenged; to being pushed out of your comfort zone. Completing a trip and reflecting back on the experiences you earned as a result of all the effort you put forth to plan gives you the satisfaction that you were able make a goal and to accomplish what you set out to do.

Fear of the unknown strengthens your ambitionWhy Travel is the #1 Most Sought-After Benefit

“Frequent traveling gets you outside of your comfort zone, opening up new worlds and experiences. Faced with new scenarios and encounters, you learn effective coping strategies that help you survive and manage your fear of the unknown,”

– Dr. Ben Michaelis, clinical psychologist and mental health expert

Traveling naturally builds character. It forces you to fight challenges head on. It teaches you to take action and to learn to find creative ways to adapt to any type of change and to therefore use your resources very wisely. These are all skills that are the very definition of achieving success in business and to inspire creativity and innovation in a work setting. 

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