Travel Craft

I spent much of this weekend trolling the world of hand made crafts on looking for a perfect gift for someone. Along the way I discovered these perfect travel related items I couldn’t wait to share with you here.

How cute are these Compass Cufflinks by westergard11. They actually work, so even if you’re dressed up for some fun in a strange town, you won’t get lost.

Etsy travel craft - compass cuffs

Cufflinks not your thing? birdzNbeez’s shop has a compass set in a ring or a pendant. They’re functional too.

Traveling with children? Then you know how important it is to keep them entertained during those long flights or rides. Stow away one of these Tri-Fold Crayon Wallet‘s from GetSassed and you’ll be rewarded with hours of quiet from the little ones. Best thing of all, this is totally machine washable, unlike the back of your car seat, so choose your crayons carefully.

Etsy travel craft - toddler traveler crayon wallet

If your kid is more at home with chalk instead of crayon, the Travel Doodler ChalkMat is a thing of beauty. Your kid can draw and erase until their heart is content with this clever earth-friendly item.

Etsy travel craft - traveler chalk mat

Finally, I really liked this Passport Wallet from interrobang made out of recycled seatbelt webbing. It has no metal or magnets, so you can keep it in your pockets when passing through airport security. Perfect for those documents you want to protect.

Etsy travel craft - Passport Seatbelt Wallet

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