5 Benefits of a Travel Company Call Center

Yes, call centers still exist! These travel agents who field your calls can be valuable assets in your pursuit of stress-free and affordable travel.

From simply booking last minute travel arrangements for that big meeting, to a full service seven day getaway with hotel, flight, airport transfers (and even Disney tickets) the real, live person on the other line can make you look like a seasoned jet-setter.

Despite the myths and the assumption that booking over the phone is old-school, call center travel agents offer numerous benefits. Here are five of them:

  1. Complete Travel Package – The agent is not being nosey by asking, “May I ask if you’ll have free time while in Miami?” It’s likely that the agent has discount tickets to attractions, tours and shows that can save you time and money.
  2. Book Branded Hotels – The agent is there to provide a valuable service because you are a genuinely appreciated client. If a branded hotel is recommended, it’s not because of secret deals with the hotel chain or a boosted commission. Recommendations are based on your needs such as location, price, star level and the best value for you. They would not be in business long if behavior steered in other directions.
  3. Easy – Ask yourself this: if you had millions of dollars, wouldn’t you have a professional to help you take care of everything? Be it a chauffeur, a personal trainer, a personal shopper or… a travel agent! That’s because it’s easy, quick, and takes just one call when you know exactly what steps to take.
  4. Travel Experts– While no agent can know every hotel and destination, continuous education from the industry’s leader, as well as a sampling of thousands of calls and searches daily provides the knowledge you’ll need. You might find out the agent you are talking to has actually stayed in the destination you are traveling to and can offer personal recommendations as well.
  5. Best Rates – Be sure the agency doesn’t charge fees that can end up costing more than online rates. Ask if they have a promo code or a membership you can sign up for to get even better rates and save more than the membership fee in the process. 

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