The best “Barrio” in Buenos Aires, La Boca

Hi to all,

This is my first post, so i will introduce myself, I’m Matias from the Last Minute Travel team.

Altough I mainly deal with Europe I want to give you some useful tips for the neighborhood of La Boca which is located in the city of Buenos Aires were I was born.

One of the “must visit” places is “Caminito” right beside the seaport, a colorful street with lovely local people, you will be able to find all what a visitor is looking for in Buenos Aires, Tango, local painting, local handcrafts, good food and many Boca Juniors football team Fans.

Not far from there (Blocks) you can find the mythic “La Bombonera” Stadium were the Boca Junrios team plays.

In the Necochea street you should visit the Inmigrants church which was constructed with funds donated from immigrants that populated the neighborhood (Mainly Italians).

The only wax museum of Argentina is located Del Valle Iberlucea street, not far from the Boca Junior Stadium, it shows most of the Argentinian history starting from the local natives.

And of course when talking about food, I would recommend to stop for a Pizza Slice at Banchero ( Almirante Brown 1200), this cozy restaurant was inaugurated by an Italian immigrant in 1932 and since then it is a meeting point for the people of “La Boca”

Here is a cool clip of the “Caminito”

I Hope you will enjoy it…


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