road trip

Planning a road trip from New York to Miami? We found the best sites along the 3 best routes just for you. Food, views, family fun, history; it’s all here.

Orlando, Florida

We have the top 5 reasons to visit Orlando, Florida. From food to art to outdoor adventures, start building your perfect itinerary here.

Beach Sunset

Explore trends in travel by experts at Last Minute Travel Last Minute & Travel Club, including top booked destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando & Cancun.

Lake Lucerne, Orlando

Top things to do while on vacation in Orlando, Florida that are not theme parks. Find the best activities and sights that Central Florida has to offer!

Find all of the best things about summer in one place: Florida. Sun, sand & hotel discounts. What more could you ask for in your summer family getaway?

Warm weather, sand and sun – some of the best things that summer has to offer. For those looking to get away, Florida offers a variety of options, with cities that are the perfect vacation spots for any family’s interests. Below, we outlined the three best destinations with hotel discounts perfect for a Florida, Read More

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Non-stop flights between Paris and Orlando are finally starting! This is not a drill. This is real life. This dream has finally become a reality.

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog? Stop by Hot Dog Heaven on your next Orlando trip and devour one of America’s favorite treats.

Every cloud has a silver lining-even ash clouds! Those stranded in Orlando because of volcanic ash clouds receive discounts to help cope with flight delays.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is being brought to life at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. You wont believe what you can find here.


LEGOLAND has finally made its way to Florida! Better yet: there will be a water park in addition to the rides and attractions. It’s Lego fun for everyone!