Celebrate Positive App Reviews

Awww – Flattery for our Last Minute Travel Deals App! I”ll be sure to tell our IT Team how good a job they did on our app that”s available on iOS and Android. Here”s a glimpse of the PR we”ve received:   Seattle Times (7/1) – “Apps for travelers: Don’t leave phone without them”, Read More

NomadicMatt has penned a great column on Huffington Post about Why We Travel. MSNBC has a list of America’s strangest Roadside Attractions. How many have you visited? The NY Times visits the revived Brixton Market in London. The LA Times suggests some alternate beach destinations for those tired of the sands of Southern California.

The LA Times covers the “Swimming of the Ponies“, which is not a Virginia take on the running of the bulls; the best ice cream treats in Las Vegas; and New York’s club and bar scene is going up, way up, to the roof. The NY Times visits the picturesque Paris waterside from hotel, Read More

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