Whether you’re looking for the craziest night that you won’t remember or for something fun and unique to do with your family, find some inspiration in one of these must-see festivals. Which one is your favorite?

6 Female-Friendly Luxury Destinations As a man who has travelled the world, I can only base my opinions of luxury destinations on my observations – which admittedly, is much different that a woman’s point of view. So I asked some well-travelled female friends of LastMinuteTravel.com: “What are some of the most female-friendly luxury destinations?” Great, Read More

With a giant volcanic ash cloud paralyzing air travel across Europe many passengers are stuck in the weird in-between world of airportlandia while they wait for mother nature to clear the skies. Turns out that when clouds of volcanic ash delays your flight you’re not entitled to compensation by the airline, so many have, Read More

Hi, As it is my first post on our new blog, first let me introduce myself. My name is Michel and I am one of Lastminutetravel.com travel experts. I mainly deal with Europe, therefore most of my post will be on this beutifull and exciting area. I don’t want to write here all the, Read More

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