Have you ever wondered (and grumbled) about how the most affordable flights are the flights with the longest layovers? The thought of sitting for who knows how many hours twiddling your thumbs sounds only a little more appealing than going to the dentist (no offense to all the dentists out there).

However, this necessary evil, this demon that can’t be avoided, can ACTUALLY be quite fun and enjoyable! There are plenty of great ways to fill your time and it’s much easier than you would think. Don’t believe us? Well, read on.

Eat Like a King

Airports are notorious for having bad food, but don’t let this rumor scare you away from chowing down during your layover. Some airports actually have some pretty high quality cuisine to choose from!Airport Coffee Shop

  • JFK has a Shake Shack, a classic New York City staple.
  • Boston’s Logan Airport has Legal Sea Foods, where travelers can get the same foods as those served in its downtown locations.
  • Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant in London’s Heathrow airport. Plane Food offers views of the airport, delicious food (obviously-it’s Gordon Ramsey), plus picnics that can be packed on board!
  • Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has One Flew South, a restaurant that specializes in “southernational” cuisine. AKA southern food with an Asian twist.
  • Changi Airport in Singapore, referred to as “a delectable gourmet world” offers endless noodle shops and traditional Asian cuisine, sushirittos, and a makeshift street food “street”.

Catch Some Z’s

Traveling is exhausting, especially when moving between multiple time zones in a seat with limited leg room and dozens of strangers. Don’t feel comfortable sleeping in a public terminal with all of your belongings? Have no fear; many airports have YOTEL facilities which are airport terminal accommodations inspired by Japanese capsule hotels.Yotel NYC

Yotel NYC | ©Frank Tasche/Flickr

Cheapest when booked ahead of time, a standard room comes with a bathroom, a shower, a bed, a fold-out desk, and even a flat-screen TV. Treat those heavy eyes of yours to some shut eye, and freshen up at the same time.

Leave the Airport

Why not? If your layover is long enough, you get two vacations in one!

Airports always have a bag drop-off of some sort (i.e. lockers or a guarded room) and city centers tend to be easily accessible with public transportation from the airport.

All you have to do is map out a rough itinerary in advance. Research necessary public transportation, neighborhoods and sites you want and will have time to see, and allow some wiggle room for going through security again upon returning to airport. Voila! Done.NYC Layover

It’s simple, enriching, and will simultaneously energize you/tire you out for your next flight!

Now that you’re a master of the long layover, visit our website or explore our app to find cheap airline tickets, exclusive hotel deals and fun activities all over the world.

7 Replies to “How to Make the Most of a Long Layover

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