Student Deals

Last Minute Travel has an exciting, new partnership!

We’ve partnered with Student Beans, one of the world’s leading student loyalty networks, to provide students with exclusive hotel discounts to help them travel anywhere in the world they want, whenever they want. At a time when travel opportunities are abound, but so are student loans, Student Beans has made it their mission to ensure that students are able to see the world not just through their textbooks by offering them exclusive student deals.

How Do You Get Your Student Discount?Student Deals Last Minute Travel

Student Beans has a global student verification network. Once you’ve been verified with them, you sign up for Last Minute Travel Club for free (it costs $50 per year for non-students!) and that’s it. It’s that easy to get student deals. Once you’ve become a member of Last Minute Travel Club, you immediately have access to discounts that only club members have access to plus additional perks that come with being an exclusive member.