Built on fourteen islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval cities, the Swedish capital, is superbly positioned, with stunning and extremely varied scenery in every direction. Stockholm offers several museums, theaters, sights, attractions and events, whether you’re interested in history, art, opera, modern dance, traditional handicraft, contemporary design or really anything else. Stockholm is a very diverse city with something for everyone.

You can stroll around the Old Town with buildings from the 1300s.

You can admire the contemporary architecture.Stockholm, Sweden

The talk of the town right now is the grand opening of ABBA – The Museum which opens in June 2009 but tickets are already on sale! 6,500 square meters (70,000 square feet) on four levels, featuring everything about Sweden’s biggest Swedish icons.

The spring and summer (April-September) are definitely the best times to visit Stockholm. The temperatures below should give you some indication of what would work best for you.Stockholm, Sweden

from +2 to – 7C (36 to 19F)

Spring: between +5 and 15C (41 to 59F)
Summer: 20-25C (68 to 77F) or warmer
Autumn: between +5 and 18C (41 to 64F)

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  1. Thank you for the information. My family is taking a trip to Stokholm this summer and we don’t have much of a clue how to prepare.

  2. Hey there,

    Great blog, my congratulations 🙂

    I heard Stockholm is great. Well developed, colourful city, despite its northern location…

    I just love Kotbullar 🙂


  3. Information about the capital you share is quite clear. Help me understand this country better. Hope you will have more great posts to share with readers.

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