Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hello I am Leidy! I work with Product in and I am in charge of Mexico and the Caribbean and would like to share some important things to do in Rio de Janeiro. When you check-in at your Hotel, please get ready to explore this fantastic city.


My first day at Rio, I walked the entire strip of Copacabana and then had lunch at Barril 1800 in Ipanema. This was a great restaurant with very good food. Try their traditional dish called “Feijoda” and accompanied with their traditional drink “Capirinas” or if you don’t drink alcoholic beverage, please try “Guarana”. After this, I explored Ipanema, walked the entire strip of the beach to see the beauty of it, oh! And when you are walking either in Ipanema or Copacabana, please stop in any of the little kiosks and make sure you drink a Coco Gelado, Delicious! At night time after a very long day at the beach, get ready and dress up!!! Either choose to eat in a fancy restaurant or go dancing. I chose to eat at Porcao. This is a great churrasqueria and you can eat as much as you want! I recommend to try their typical meat is called Picaña. Also make sure you tell your waiter to give you filet mignon. This is already included. Also they have a buffet and it contains from Jumbo shrimps to risottos. They are 3 Porcaos in the city, please choose the one in Flamengo. It has the best view of the city at night. (This is going to cost around $120 or R 150, 00 reais for 2 persons). If you have a great celebration or you want to go aloud and you have the money to check out the best restaurant in Rio, please go to “Antiquarios” (one of the most expensive but BEST restaurants in Rio). It is AMAZING!!!! This is a Portuguese restaurant and it cost about R 200 reais per person. Please make reservations.

My second day in Rio, I went to Corcavado/Cristo Redentor. Please make sure you go after noon so you can make sure and see the actual statue. This is an amazing experience. I spend R 100 Reais for 2 people to go here. A taxi took us there and waited for us in the lower part and gave us one hour to explore. This is plenty of time to see it and take plenty of pictures. After Corcovado, I went to visit the other side of Copacabana called Barra da Tijuca. Locals just called it Barra. (pronounced Baja). Here is another beach and other kind of views. If you don’t want the beach, wait! Don’t live this area! Go to Barra Shopping. This is a 3 stories Mall. It is amazing! You can find anything and do your shopping (this is not good for souvenir shopping). If you get hungry in the mall, no worries, they have this great restaurant called “La Mole”. If you don’t want restaurants then just have a snack at Casa Do Pao de Queijo and then pass by the ice cream store called “Babuska” They have one of the best ice creams I have ever eating.

Third day in Rio, Please go and check out Pao de Azucar or Sugar Loaf. Again go around noon to see the views. After this just go and take your own tour, check out the biggest soccer stadium “Maracana” try to go in a day that is an actual game going on. They are so many things to do in Rio that I can be here talking all day. Just make sure you have this list in your hand:

  • Corcovado/Cristo Rendentor
  • Pao de Azucar
  • Barra da Tijuca/ Barra Shopping Mall.
  • Maracana Stadium
  • Sambodromo
  • Metropolitan Cathedral


Leidy Hurtado

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