“La Isla del Encanto” – Dining in Puerto Rico – The Best Food on the Island

 Puerto Rico

Buenos Dias,

My name es Cesar Castro and I’m going to tell you a little bit about dining in Puerto Rico; the best food on the Island. I was born and raise in Puerto Rico and lived in the island for 22 years, so who better to tell you what to eat while you are enjoying the beaches during your next vacation to Puerto Rico.

Asopau de Camarones – You can find this delicious dish in Isabela, PR right near the beach where many restaurants serve this plate. This dish is made of fresh shrimp, potatoes, sofrito, and tomato sauce and it’s serve with fried plantains. You can enjoy this dish for about $10. Believe me if you are a seafood lover, you can’t miss this plate when you visit the Island.

Bacalaitos – You can also find these near the beach or in any restaurant. Bacalaitos is basically fried cod fish, but these taste like no other. While being fried in peanut oil in huge pans, near the salty windy air of the beach, their crunchy taste of cod fish you can’t only have one, definitely 2 or 3. This go for about $3 each.

Rellenos de Papa – These are a “must have”. These curious looking potato balls stuff with meat are the best. You can find these anywhere in the island. These usually go for a $1 a piece and like I said, they are so delicious that they are addicting.

Well, there you have them my top 3 picks for dining in Puerto Rico while you are visiting my beautiful Island, Puerto Rico. Until next one “Y que pasen un buen dia”

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  1. All I ate when I went to PR was mofongo with criollo sauce – I tried it for the first time here, and now I’m completely HOOKED. So delicious!

    We also had a fabulous time at a restaurant called Yerbabuena in San Juan – it was a completely last-minute decision, as it starting storming, and we just found a place to go hang out for the evening. The best part was the band, who handed out maracas and other instruments for the dining crowd to join in on the fun 🙂

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