With lots open-air cafes, restaurants and bars to choose from, Playa Tortuga in Cancun, Mexico’s white sandy beach is a great beach to visit. With shopping and tons of water sports, you can definitely make this beach a day trip.

The water at this beach is clear, calm and deep which is perfect for snorkeling and scuba best online casino diving. Playa Tortuga means Turtle Beach in English, so definitely expect to see some swimming by during your visit!Sea Turtle, Playa Tortuga

If you want to rent snorkeling equipment, head over to the northern end of the island. You can also rent sailboards there as well.

Tips for Visiting Playa Tortuga
  • No entrance fee
  • There is a public bus you can take that will drop you off right in front of the entrance
  • This is one of the local’s favorite beaches so expect crowds
  • Restrooms and changing areas are located along the northern end of this beach

11 Replies to “Playa Tortuga: The Chillest Beach in Cancun

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  2. Very nice beach. It’s a public beach. Very refreshing to see the local people enjoying the beach too. Hardly any waves and water is cool. Perfect on hot days. Spent most of my time at the Tortugas Beach Mexican restaurant. The mango margarita was excellent too.

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing this interesting information. This is a wonderful place where everyone can spend lovely holidays. I hope I will have an opportunity to visit Cancun, next summer.

  4. People need to visit this place every holiday because there are lot of benefits in it and beautiful sunset plus environment and other benefits. Moreover, thanks for publishing this knowledge so people can get aware of it and visit it frequently.

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