Last week, we introduced you to the “Play to Play” program, which offers you special discounts in one city each week.  Last week’s featured city was Chicago, but if you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of those exclusive deals, don’t worry! We have a brand new city for you this week, with plenty of exciting savings.

Last week, we had you play a hidden-letters puzzle, but this week we’re going to go a little more straightforward. Here are a few hints about this week’s featured “Play to Play city:

  • This city has more than 460 hotels, nearly 50,000 rooms.
  • It’s also home to more than 800 parks. In fact, it’s the only U.S. city whose borders encompass two national parks.
  • Despite its warm climate, it’s home to one of the largest snow skiing clubs in the US.
  • Jackie Gleason once broadcast a television show from here and would always close the show with a line that said the city’s audience was “the greatest audience in the world.” The city still features a theater named after Gleason.
  • Suntan cream was invented here by a pharmacist in 1944.
  • This city features the first-ever ATM designed especially for…believe it or not…rollerbladers.

Think you’ve figured it out? If so, head over to the Last Minute Travel and see the city that is our featured destination of the week. All you have to do from there is start booking!

See you next week!

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