Have you taken advantage of our Play to Play promotion yet? Hopefully you have, but if not, no worries – we’ll always have a special deal waiting for you in a fantastic city where you can have a great time. We’ve already offered up some amazing discounts in Chicago and Miami since kicking off this promotion a couple weeks ago, and it’s now time to give you some hints about where to look for this week’s deals. 

As your hint for this week’s Play to Play city, we’ve decided to give it to you as a haiku. Why a haiku? Well, because we thought it would be a better idea than a limerick. Here’s your Play to Play hint haiku:

Westward you should go
Where you’ll find an awesome zoo
And, hey! Legoland!

Figure it out yet? When you do, just head over to Last Minute Travel and get ready to pack!

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