Ah, Las Vegas: where everything goes, and everything also stays. While the rest of the world teaches that the 7 deadly sins are abuse of one’s natural faculties, Vegas welcomes them with open arms.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that sin city has much more to offer than just sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

So, whether you’re there for a weekend long bender or you’re on a search and destroy mission for a quick vacation with friends or family, give these spots a visit next time the entertainment capital of the world beckons.

Gold Mine Tourgold mine

The El Dorado Canyon Gold Mine tour takes you inside a gold mine that was used from 1861 until 1942. This tour may be just 1/4 mile long, but gives you a real taste of the wild west.

Mob Museummob

Known officially as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, this museum offers a fun and fascinating look into Las Vegas’ unsavory past. With interactive exhibits and original artifacts, you’ll quickly learn about the mafia and how organized crime helped shape the city we’ve grown to love and hate.

Pawn Stars Tourpawn stars

Photo taken by Mike Salvucci

On this tour, you get a behind the scenes look at the stores from “Pawn Stars“, “Vegas Rat Rods“, and “TANKED“. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something that catches your eye, and I’m not talking about Chumlee!

Neon Museumneon

Known unofficially as the neon sign graveyard, this museum is home to retired signs from old casinos and businesses and spans over 6 acres!!!!! This place is seriously cool, there’s nothing like it.

Discovery Children’s Museumchildren's museum

From far away, Vegas seems like a place NOT to visit with your family. However, in addition to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park being just a couple hour’s drive away, Vegas also has a super fun and interactive children’s museum, and it’s in the heart of the downtown area!

Swim with SharksPho

Photo taken by Eric Chan

So far, this list has been pretty tame. And although that was the point, at the end of the day we ARE still talking about Vegas and what would Vegas be without a little risk? Take a dip into the Mandalay Bay‘s crocodile, eel, jellyfish, piranha, Komodo Dragon, and shark-infested shark tank. Because, why not?

Area 51 Tourarea 51

Known for its abundance of extraterrestrial and unidentified activity, explore the world’s most top secret military facility and witness with your own eyes the mysteries of the unknown. Fun bonus: On this tour, you get to travel through some of the most desolate, uninhabited, yet stunningly beautiful land in the world.


Whether the fun is completely innocent or very much not, Las Vegas is calling your name. What are you waiting for?

8 Replies to “7 Underrated & Overlooked Places in Las Vegas

  1. Las Vegas is fun !
    but we all know what is the most excited place in the US of A….
    Orlando baby !!

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