How to Manage Your Business Travel Expenses

Business travel is a necessary evil in today’s world. It can be tiresome, expensive and restricting. However, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of hurting your bottom line and spending money where it doesn’t need to be spent, here are five expert tips on how to greatly save on your yearly travel expenses.

1. Take Advantage of Rewards ProgramsTriple Dip Rewards

Rewards programs are one of the best, most efficient and easiest ways to save on travel expenses. Typically a points based system, the more points you accumulate, the closer you get to a prize of some sort. In the case of the Triple Dip rewards program at Last Minute Travel Club, the more points you earn, the closer you get to a free hotel stay. The more you travel, the more you ultimately save.

2. Become a Member of a Trusted Travel ProgramJoin Last Minute Travel Club

Exclusive, member-only deals, guaranteed savings, a rewards program; these are just a few reasons why joining a travel club can be greatly financially beneficial. Last Minute Travel Club members have access to deals and discounts before anyone else does, plus they receive an additional discount on hotel bookings specifically for being a member. Joining a travel club can drastically lower the cost of your vacations, whether the purpose of the trip is pleasure or business.

3. Book a Hotel/Airport TransferBook a Hotel/Airport Transfer

Renting a car and paying for cabs can get extremely expensive. The fees add up quickly and the time it takes to go to the car dealership or even to find a cab can feel endless. Who wants to go through all of that effort if you’re running late for your flight or if you’ve just gotten off of one? Booking a transfer in advance is the more affordable option and completely eliminates the hassle and stress of getting from point A to point B in a timely manner.

4. Utilize the Services of a Travel ExpertTravel Expert

Professionals know the deals, the best times to fly, the best hotels to stay in, and can often offer you a discount on hotel bookings for the sole fact that you have chosen to book over the phone rather than online. Less hassle, more savings; everyone’s a winner.

5. Don’t Forget That Most Travel Expenses are Tax DeductibleTax Deductible Travel

According to the tax guide provided by the National Federation of Independent Business, most of the expenses that you and your employees incur as tax deductible because they are necessary business expenses. Whether it is a flight ticket, tax/transfer costs, hotel bookings, as long as you keep a written record of the expenses along with their business purpose, the costs should be deductible.

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