Mallorca is not just an island of sea, sun and nightlife. It has an incredible inland that offers a variety of activities to enjoy, with villages full of rich cultural heritage situated in the hills, the island offers a unique type of beauty that can’t be rivaled. These villages are what make the island truly unique and offer a different taste of island life. Starting with one of the most popular ones, Valldemossa, is a beautiful part of the island with temperate weather, including snow from time to time in the winter! It is well worth visiting this place to explore castles, cathedrals and monasteries, to visit the Frederic Chopin & George Sand Museum, or to simply walk along the cobblestone streets.


Valldemossa lies just 9 miles (15 km) north of Palma de Mallorca on the northwestern coast of the island off the eastern coast of Spain. The ride from the harbor to the mountain village passes through olive and almond trees as the elevation increases from the coast;. The village is quite charming and the ancient monastery is well kept. In addition to the cells occupied by Chopin and Sand, the church and pharmacy are both interesting as well. Some of the drugs and potions in the pharmacy look much like they did a hundred or more years ago!Valldemossa, Mallorca

Another place worth checking out is Costa Nord. In addition to the beautiful grounds, the “cultural center” and part-time residence of Michael Douglas also shows the history of the area.Valldemossa, Mallorca

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