Mallorca, European paradise (The village of Valldemossa)

Excellent, time to continue presenting the lovely Island of Mallorca as mentioned in previous blog. This time, we will looked more into detail in order to desmostrai that Mallorca is not only an Island of sea, sun and night life but an incredible Inland that offers a variety of activities to enjoy.

One of the major aspects that make Mallorca unique is without doubt his interior with amazing small villages. Starting with one of the most popular one, Valldemossa. It is a cool place and in the winter you get snow from time to time. It is well worth visiting this place, walk the streets and visit the museum.


Valldemossa lies 15km north of Palma situated North West coast of the island. It’s a pretty town surrounded by mountains though much of its charm is destroyed by the daily bus loads of visitors who arrive on coach trips to visit the genuine town.

In terms of food, Valldemossa has plenty eateries catering for the day trippers though little of note. One place worth a look even if only for the novelty of it is Costa Nord (Avgda Palma, 6). Heading a kilometer out of town you’ll come to a sign for Port de Valldemossa which takes you on a 6km drive of hairpin bends down to a little bay where you can have a seafood lunch at the Es Port restaurant. The wild sea is some sight down here on windy days

Another important thing to try is he ride from the harbor to the mountain village passes through olive and almond trees as the elevation increases from the coast. The village is quite charming, and the ancient monastery is well kept. In addition to the cells occupied by Chopin and Sand, the church and pharmacy are both interesting. Some of the drugs and potions in the pharmacy look much like they did a hundred or more years ago.

During next blog we will continue exploring other areas and attractions that this Island can offer to the visitors of Mallorca.

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