Did you know that most airlines offer three types of coverage in case your luggage gets delayed? It’s true, you can get a stipend to help cover your basic needs until your luggage arrives. Here is a brief description of the three types of stipends:

1.) Some airlines will provide you with a toiletries kit as well as offer you a stipend for luggage that is delayed for more than 24 hours.

2.)   Your credit card company may issue you a stipend for immediate expenses due to delayed luggage

3.)   If you have purchased travel insurance you may qualify for a stipend for immediate expenses.

How do you claim a stipend? You can inquire about stipends:

  • When you file you delayed luggage report
  • Call your credit card company of the card you booked your flight with to see if they may be able to assist you
  • When you purchase travel insurance check to see if your policy covers a stipend and remember to keep a copy of the policy with you in your carry on in case you need to reference it.

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