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PDA: Some people love it, some people hate it; there’s no in between.

However, there’s one form of PDA that even the most headstrong of PDA-haters can admit is pretty adorable: love locks.

So, what are these love locks, you ask? Lovers and friends inscribe their initials onto a padlock, lock it onto a bridge, a gate, or other public fixture, and then throw away the key, symbolizing their unending and unbreakable love.

If you’re not able to go on a special romantic getaway, take a trip through this photo gallery and see a few of the world’s most famous landmarks for love locks!

Pont des Arts in Paris, FranceIMG_2411


Eiserner Bridge in Frankfurt, Germanyfrankfurt2


Under Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech RepublicL1070929


Seoul, South KoreaLove Locks in Seoul

Love locks (a part of them) | ©Timo/Flickr

Seoul Love Locks

chains of love | ©hojusaram/Flickr

Vodootvodny Canal in Moscow, RussiaLove Locks in Moscow

Trees of Love on Luzhkov Bridge | ©Jason Eppink/Flickr

Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow

Love lock trees | ©Chelsea Marie Hicks/Flickr

Brooklyn Bridge in New YorkBrooklyn Bridge Love Locks

Love Locks | ©Rick Schwartz/Flickr

Love Locks Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Love Locks | ©Shinya Suzuki/Flickr


So, whether you’re cuddled up with your favorite bottle of wine or you’re adding the names of you and yours to a special padlock somewhere around the globe, spread the love!

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