Lisbon – A City to Discover

Lisbon at night








(Lisbon at night)

Lisbon as been one of my favorite cities since I visited for the first time 3 years ago. The City its changing over the last years, and a building boom has contributed to urban sprawl since Portugal is receiving lost of funds from the European Union.

Moorish Castelo








(Moorish Castelo)

Take time to explore the Moorish Castelo de Sדo Jorge, which looks like a fortress on the outside but is a delightful place of gardens, towers with scenic views, ponds with swans and peacocks, and other attractions within its walls.

Torre de Belem








(Torre de Belem at night)

A few things that you can’t miss are the Torre de Belem, the Museo Nacional dos Coches ( you will be able to see coches like the Cinderella one), Museo de Marinha (boats and naval exhibits), and the Museo de Arte Popular.

Also you cant miss the Ocenography, which is huge and located in the new Oriente area

For shopping I would recommend two malls, the Vasco da Gama just in front of the Fair center and the Amoeiras just in front of the Dom Pedro Palace Hotel and the famous Av. Liberdade with all the top branded shops

Please don’t miss the seafood, definitely extraordinary and when ordering a wine please ask for a local “Favaios” a sweet wine from the north of Portugal.

LIsbon will conquer you!!! Enjoy


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