Family vacationers: get ready to enjoy one more option of fun for your next trip to Orlando. Merlin Entertainment will be building a new Legoland theme park at the Cypress Gardens location in Winter Haven, Florida! This means the park will be only about a 45 minute drive from the main attractions area.

Although the announcement wasn’t meant to be made until tomorrow, Merlin did Polk County a favor and gave a heads up via email. Because all emails are public record in Florida, The Lakeland Ledger requested a copy and Merlin’s plans were unveiled.Legoland, Florida

LEGOLAND Florida entrance | ©Ricky Brigante/Flickr

As of April 2017, Legoland operates eight parks around the world (Denmark, Germany, England, Dubai, Japan, Malaysia, California, and of course Florida). Merlin Entertainment, along with its owner, The Blackstone Group, is the second largest owner of amusement and theme park properties in the world, the first being The Walt Disney Company.

It is unclear exactly what form the new Legoland will take or if it will incorporate any of the remaining rides on the property. However, there is a water park at the location and that is assumed to be one of the features that make this purchase attractive for Merlin, and a fun and unique experience you!

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