Chicago, Miami, San Diego, oh my! What city will be next? Here is your chance to find out and secure some extra big savings on your next vacation. If you’re not familiar with the Play to Play featured city promotion, no problem. Just check out the original blog post for more information.

We have several hints for this week’s Play to Play, but you should only need to solve one to figure out the identity of this popular city (of course, you’re more than welcome to solve them all just for fun!). Below we’ve listed five of this city’s top landmarks and attractions – in anagram form.

1. Freckle Center Lore – 2 words
2. Beatify Turtle So – 3 words
3. Carp Rant Elk – 2 words
4. Putting Is Remediable – 3 words
5. Seal Lids Nil – 2 words

Figure them out? Great job! Once you have your guess ready, just head over to Last Minute Travel and pack your bags! If you’re a local, you may want to check out this week’s discounts too.

2 Replies to “What’s the New Play to Play Featured City? The Answer is “Puzzling”

  1. Your personality shines through in your posts. Sometimes I worry that my posts don’t have enough personality, and that worries me because I LOVE blogs with personality! If it feels too try or too “professional”, I’m not interested. I love bloggers who are fun, exciting, and aren’t afraid to USE CAPSLOCK and get fangirly! If I love your personality, I’ll love reading your blog!

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