Las Vegas Airport Expansion Proceeds

Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas will add 14 gates to the popular facility. Five of which will be able to accommodate the new super sized airplanes used in international flights. The decision to go ahead and complete the project, even in the soft economy, has just been made.

“The conversation went something like this,” Walker said. “You have one of two risks. One risk is you could build the facility and we open up in 2012 and we don’t need it. The second risk is that you do not build the facility and in 2012, (convention authority President) Rossi (Ralenkotter) has been able to encourage all these additional people to come to the community and they can’t get here.

Las Vegas is a city built on risks, so of course they’re going ahead.

This is good news for travelers to Las Vegas as the city will be pulling out all the stops to entice you to come back in 2012. Don’t want to wait for 2012 for your next Las Vegas experience? is running a whole grip of discounts on popular hotels all over town.

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