Keeping Business and Personal Expenses Separate in 3 Easy Steps

When combining business and leisure travel, it can be difficult to separate expenses when you get home or to the office. An easy way to stay organized and avoid clutter is simply keeping a record. There are two aspects of making this task easy and less time consuming.

Step 1: Keep all of your expenses separated and store them in a PDA document or a small notebook. 

Step 2: The second part is keeping all of casino your receipts organized and separated. You can do this by keeping an envelope in your wallet for business expenses and keeping your personal expense receipts in the actual wallet. Simply separating these receipts with some kind of marker in the middle of your wallet can easily cause a mix up if you are not careful. Keeping the two completely separate by using an envelope will make your life ten times easier.

Step 3: After each purchase file your receipt in the appropriate place and make a note of the total amount of the expense and type of expense in your PDA document or notebook. At the end of each day, double check your work. When you arrive home or back to the office, your receipts will already be separated and your notes will allow you to review everything.

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