Are Travel Clubs Right For You?

There’s Sam’s Club; fitness clubs; Mickey Mouse Club; Canadian Club Whisky; The Breakfast Club; and for travel – LMT Club.

With millions of consumers joining clubs for exclusivity and discounts and more, the growing trend for booking sites are non-traditional travel portals becoming far more attractive than the ‘big-boy .coms’!

Are travel clubs right for you? PeoplePins on Map

Let’s define: Travel Clubs are membership sites that allow consumers to access discount prices to hotels, flights, car rentals, activities, and more. The best rates are available because sites like buy in bulk, and keep prices hidden from the public. The challenge is that specific hotel deals can never be posted or advertised online, which means the lowest rates will not show up on comparison sites.

Yes, there is a fee to join, yet in most cases, the savings on hotel reservations alone will make up for the membership fee with the first booking. And everything after is gravy.

As an example, I just searched for some top cities for next month…

  • for Orlando 4-Star hotel is $52 versus and average of $125 for the ‘big three’.
  • for Miami 5-Star hotel is $96 versus $178 lowest rate for any of the ‘big three’.
  • for Las Vegas 4-Star hotel is $74 and an average of $133 for the ‘big three’.
  • Orlando theme park ticket from $56 per person compared online casino to $70 anywhere on the web.

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There are nearly 50 million Sam’s Club members, and for good reason. Some of the benefits of being in a club are that you’re assured the best prices available all in one convenient location, and the peace of mind that rids you of buyer’s remorse. Think of yourself standing in line at the reservation desk to check into a hotel, and the person in front of you got a rate 55% lower than what you’re paying because they’re a member of a travel club. You want to be in that club!

Think of it this way: Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, and of course, Annette Funicello were all in Mickey Mouse Club, and look how it turned out for them!

I also found a coupon to join for half price using promo code: JOIN4HALF. You’ll feel like a privileged traveler as you glide past all the club-outsiders in the airport!



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