Is it Time to Return to Greece?

The powerful Ottoman Empire that was Greece is long gone, yet what of the financial crisis and the collapse of the tourism industry?

As of the beginning of 2015, the American dollar grows stronger against the Euro in a 4 1/2 –year low. Meaning sticker shock when buying a keepsake bottle of olive oil just became a bit easier to swallow. According to the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, tourism is more than twenty percent of the GDP. With €40 billion in demand on the line, let’s explore why you would want to travel to Greece in the first place.

  • 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites – The first monument in Greece to be included on UNESCO’s list was the Temple of Apollo Epicurus in 1986. Since then, the Acropolis of Athens and 15 other sites spread among the islands and mainland have been added. locationFive
  • Tourist Olympics – OK, so I made that up. But as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, it beckons us to explore and engage in a multitude of outdoor activities: Rhythmic Walk on the Beach; Coed Sand Volleyball; 10 Meter Photography; Valley-Traversing Bike Riding; Wave Splashing; Island Kayaking, and so much more
  • Food, Cuisine, Gastronomy – Yeah, I’m sure that a trendy ‘Greek Diet’ would surely catch on, as the authentic samplings of the Greek islands are certain to be crowd pleasers. The keys to deliciousness are: fresh ingredients; a rich history; availability of herbs and spices; and of course the famous olive oil.
  • Cruises – Cruises to and around Greece are not plentiful, yet a Mediterranean sailing with the gleaming white Cycladic houses may eternally be a draw. Try a 7 night Western Mediterranean Cruise departing from Venice by

Hotel prices are reasonable despite the increasing demand from more than 22 million annual visitors. My searching found a best $70 for a 5-Star hotel in the heart of Athens from

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