Here are some easy tips for making your traveling experience more pleasant.

1.) If possible, bring your own pillows. Nothing beats the comfort of home, even when traveling.

2.) If you are traveling for a long period of time, bring pre-measured packets of laundry detergent. You can purchase these at a camping supply store.

3.) Attach bright tape or tie a bright ribbon to your luggage to make it easier to keep track of and helpful for spotting all of the pieces

4.) When you get to your hotel, unpack wrinkled clothes and hang them in a steamy bathroom to get them unwrinkled quickly. Packing some plastic hangers from home could be a good idea in case the hotel does not provide them for you.

5.) Bringing a pad and pen or pencil with you can come in handy for writing down phone numbers, addresses or even the location of a place you want to come back to. Or maybe you just want to journal about all of your fun travel experiences!

6.) A GPS can come in very handy when trying to navigate through a city. If the GPS has battery powered capabilities this can come in extremely handy when walking around cities and locating attractions.

7.) Chewing gum on an airplane can significantly minimize the likelihood of your ears being plugged. For young children, ask your pediatrician about a decongestant.

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