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Hello all, my name is Magnus and this will be my first posting to the blog. For those interested in visiting London, England. As this was my first visit to the historical city, I have much to tell.

Eden Plaza Hotel




I actually stayed at the Eden Plaza Hotel, a comfy warm two star establishment in the heart of South Kensington, which was not far from the Tube stations in either direction. Plenty to eat and tons of things to see. I think I had a different approach to seeing London. Starting out in Piccadilly Circus and moving on, getting lost, and having fun! I was a bit interested in what other hotels would be like compared to the place I was staying at. I was even given the assignment to check out some of our Exclusive deals that Tourico offeres in London.

 (Eden Plaza Hotel)

So the following is a report, a review of the Imperial London Hotels. Included, are the

  • Royal National Hotel
  • President Hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Bedford Hotel

All four are centrally located in London and are easily accessed by car, bus, taxi, or my choice—the London Underground. Both Gatwick and Heathrow International airports are accessible via the extensive Underground services, called the Tube. The Piccadilly line runs from Heathrow terminals, and the Gatwick express train bringing you from Gatwick to Victoria Station, in less than half an hour. Connecting lines allow you to easily arrive at the Imperial London Hotels. Taking the Northern Line, get off at Russell Square, which is deep underground, but won’t be noticed otherwise by taking the lift. I took the stairs and was quite surprised at the depth, as it took me five minutes to climb a staircase reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty’s insides. By moving west towards the actual Russell Square, going left that is upon exiting the Underground, you find yourself approaching a beautiful garden surrounded by restaurants and pubs. Depending upon which hotel your reservation may be at, their locations are North and South of Russell Square Garden.

Royal National Hotel
(Royal National Hotel)


The Royal National Hotel, north of the Gardens, boasts to be the largest hotel in the entire EU. With over 3,500 total rooms, the hotel is quite big comprising two main buildings. There are seven floors with singles, doubles, triples and suites on all. The rooms are quite nice, with new carpeting and nicely tiled bathrooms. Upon my visit the hotel was undergoing a bit of renovation and the supervisor said to have 1,630 rooms depending upon availability. The last refurbishment was completed in 2000, however, was nonetheless quite impressive. The rooms were modern with most amenities. Anything else needed is just a matter of contacting hotel staff. The Royal National offers a currency exchange, a bar, a fine restaurant serving continental breakfast as well as dinner, and an Indian restaurant on premises. Outside you can get a car at the Enterprise rent a car office, which is also on the Hotel premises. If you have a taste for the Orient, there is a Japanese Sushi restaurant on the same street as the Royal National Hotel. Given the size of the hotel itself, it would be a good choice for those traveling in a group, otherwise is an excellent choice for even the tired businessman. For those guests who may be traveling by car, may park in the underground car park for a 20.00 GBP*.


President Hotel
(President Hotel)

A fine reception area greets the tired traveler at the President Hotel. The President is directly east of the Gardens. The building came to be in the 1850’s and there was minor damage sustained during the War. There are a total of 523 rooms, as well as eight rooms for any guest who may be disabled. The President’s Sportsman’s bar; true to its name, is adorned in a sportsman motif, and offers all sorts of tasty liquids to satisfy any person’s palate. Their Saracen Restaurant offers continental breakfasts in the morning and dinners in the evening. The breakfast—continental style which is included in the hotel rate, could be upgraded to a full English breakfast for 4 GBP*, depending upon the guests appetite. The rooms are quite nice, offering most amenities. New carpeting, comfy beds, and depending upon which side of the hotel you are on, may have a view of life below. The President Hotel is also undergoing some refurbishment at the current time and is expected to be completed shortly. For those guests who may be traveling by car, may park in the underground car park for 21 GBP*. The President has a conjoined twin, namely the Imperial Hotel.


Imperial Hotel
(Imperial Hotel)

This hotel, united with the President and east of the gardens, has an impressive reception area. The outside greets customers with a row of statues and a nice fountain. To the left of the inside reception area rests a beautiful spiral staircase with chandeliers dangling above, leading to the Emperor Bar. A cozy feel, small lifts to the rooms and restaurant, as well as an excellent view overlooking Russell Square Gardens. The rooms here offer the same fine amenities as its sibling hotels; direct dial telephone, tea/coffee making facility, and satellite TV offering some international channels. The Imperial Hotel offers 448 rooms, a new “night and day” pub-bar offering good food, the Emperor Bar which is upstairs, the Atrium coffee bar with internet access and lots more. The shopping area inside the hotel includes a hairdresser, a bank, a Chinese herbalist, and a newsstand. Want more? Next door there is a Casino which is open most evenings. Needing a car? There is even a Hertz rent-a-car on the premises. If you brought your own, you can park it in the underground car park for 28 GBP*.


Bedford Hotel
(Bedford Hotel)

The Bedford Hotel is smaller and quieter. With only 184 rooms and last refurbished in the ‘60s, it offers a pleasant take on staying in England. As you walk in, the reception has polite and friendly staff eager to show your room. To the left of the desk, is the bar, offering all sorts of liquid pleasures, and directly behind lies the restaurant. The continental breakfast is the staple, however, could again be upgraded at the guest’s discretion to a full English breakfast for 4 GBP*. The Bedford is very nice indeed, there’s a nice garden in the back, with statues and green. From the top floor, you get a view of the British Museum as well as offer a peek into the typical Londoners garden, that is, there are private residences in the back. The rooms offer dark cherry stained furniture, comfortable beds, shower and toilet separated, and some even have conjoined rooms. An older more elegant feel and a true English experience without having to go to the country. The hotel is a short walk from Covent Garden, which offers grand cafes as well as fine shopping. On weekends there are even live performances, including opera, classical music, and circus acts which I was lucky to encounter. If you haven’t eaten and are reluctant to stay at the hotel, fear not, there are plenty of sumptuous menus just across the road from the Bedford Hotel. If your palate aches for delicious Indian cuisine, or a fine Italian Ristoranti experience, then this is the place. If it’s Bangers and Mash, heed not dismay, for not far away, are legendary Pubs of England—like the Swan on 7 Cosmo Place, offering typical English fare.

Guaranteed to please, the Imperial London Hotels, not mentioned here were the County and the Tavistock Hotels, which are also part of the Imperial London Hotels.

*Also note, dependent upon guests who are light sleepers and easily awoken by slight noise, perhaps may sleep better on the side of the hotels not facing the roads, and should consult about availability upon booking. Any questions should be directed to the hotel management at +44 020 7278 7871 /2 /3 otherwise by e mail:

Questions ask me. 😉 Cheers…

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