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So, you’ve planned your summer vacation after searching 40 different websites over the past two months in order to find the best travel deals, checked the 5-day forecast, (it’s always the same in the summer: Partly cloudy; Highs in the low 90s; 60% chance of afternoon showers), and now you’re driving into Florida dreaming of floating quietly in the hotel pool.


As you cross the state line from Georgia along I-95, you finally see it: Welcome to Florida! Just past the St. Mary’s River that marks the state line, you see the Official Florida Welcome Center.

Free citrus juice. Air-Conditioning.

Yet you’re practically a Florida expert after all the research you’ve done, how can the Welcome Center help and possibly save me money? You’d be surprised:

  1. Vacation Guides – Those that live in Florida know there is so much more to Florida than theme parks and beaches. Pick up a vacation guide for a one-stop-shop overview of activities beyond the tourist attractions, and many of which are free.
  2. Toll Roads – Navigating central and south Florida means you’ll likely use toll roads. You can buy SunPass stickers in vending machines helping you avoid long toll lines, and even offer lower rates than cash
  3. Discount Tickets – Attendants will likely direct visitors to Visit Florida partner websites, or to the Visit Florida deals page for discounts. The blog by Last Minute Travel offers $15 off any hotel in Florida’s top 15 cities. Florida_Orlando_downtown_LakeEola_night_palms
  4. Dog Friendly – Orlando has 57 AAA-rated pet-friendly lodgings, but many beaches do not allow pets. Here’s a guide for doggie spa treatments, pet-friendly parks, and a quick check-list.
  5. Child Car Seats – Get safety information to be in compliance with Florida state laws.
  6. Best Beaches – Finding the best beach that meets your desires is key. Ask a Visit Florida Welcome Center attendant, or see this online guide.
  7. Last Minute Travel – As more and more hotel bookings take place on mobile devices, the Last Minute Travel Deals app efficiently offers same-day, and availability within 24 hours in a map view, and list view on one screen. Get the app for Apple, or Android.

Florida sunset over oceanFor the biggest savings on summer travel, find wholesale rates to hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, vacation home, activities and more at Last Minute Travel Club – with a special members-only offer code LMTCLUBBLOG: Join LMT Club for only $10 (normally $50), and get a $15 hotel coupon!

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