Holy Land Tours Walking with the Prophets

Holy Land Tours: Walking with the Prophets

Holy Land Tours Walking with the Prophets was started by myself, the Director, Michael O’Donell, Jeannie O”Donell and Uri Argov CEO of Tourico Holiday Flights in 2000. I believe that every believer should tour Israel at least once in their lifetime.

On this tour, you will follow along in the footsteps of the Savior Christ Jesus and those faithful prophets. Leading you will be some of the best tour guides the Holy Land has to offer. They will take you to the most sacred places on Earth where people have been worshiping and paying their respects for centuries.

Brief Bio: Michael O’Donell

Michael O’Donell, Director of Holy Land Tours, obtained his Bachelors of Science in Biblical Education and History from Lee University. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta academic honor society for history majors and attended Louisiana Tech University Graduate School to study courses in History. In addition, he has led groups through the Holy Land twelve times and has taught at each one of the holy sites on the Walking with the Prophets Tour itinerary.

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Our group tours to the Holy Land are one of the greatest religious experiences that you will have, and it will change your life forever. Visit www.WalkingProphets.com or call Michael O’Donell at 1-800-524-9109 extension 7243 for more information.


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  1. I want to plan a trip to Israel in 2018-2019 for maybe 13 days. Please advise me which month is best to visit and cost of trip including air from Phoenix Az including gratuities and meals.i may have more than my husband and I as we have friends who are also interested. I want a small group to tour with. And would like to see historical sights and prefer a Christian Guide

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