Packing for a vacation is often quite stressful. The fear of forgetting something essential is always looming over your head, as it’s inevitable that this will happen. To help you avoid that situation, here are five things you definitely should not forget to pack that are sure to save you at one point or another during your travels.


Ginger is known to aid many ailments such as nausea, appetite loss, motion sickness, and stomach pains. Whether you’re traveling to a big city or to a remote jungle, take some ginger candies or ginger tea with you in your bag to make sure you can nip those pains in the bud without the hassle of finding (and likely overpaying for) medication at a local pharmacy (if there is one) or at the airport.


Even if you’re headed for an island getaway full of fun in the sun, you never know what the temperature of your airplanes, buses or trains will be. Better to be safe than shivering!


Scarves are multi-functional, unisex, and far more handy than you would expect. They can be used to dress up or down an outfit, as a bathing suit cover, or as a makeshift towel. A scarf can also be used to cover yourself when visiting religious sites, as a temporary sling if you injure yourself, and even as a face mask in a dust storm.Scarf

Cheap Watch

It can be used as a compass when lost or as currency to barter with if you have no cash and need a ride or assistance of any sort. It can also be used to keep track of time, of course.

Makeup Remover

Whether or not you’re actually wearing makeup is irrelevant here. If you pack some makeup remover in your carry-on, you have something small to help you quickly freshen up after a long flight!
Makeup Remover

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