The Heineken Museum in Amsterdam features rides, interactive exhibits and three bars. Learn about the evolution of the company’s history and brewing processes. The museum was renovated less than ten years ago, making its modern aesthetic brew beautifully with its age-old recipes. Here is an overview of what the Heineken Experience has to offer prior to the expansion.Heineken, Amsterdam

The Life of a Heineken Bottle Ride

Guests follow the path of the life of a Heineken bottle from making the bottle to filling the bottle to labeling and shipping the bottle. The floor of this ride moves for a better effect and the process is pretty cool to watch.

The best part of this tour? You get three free beers as you walk around the factory!Heineken Brewery

Heineken Experience @ Amsterdam | ©Guilhem Vellut/Flickr


At the end of your self guided tour of the factory visitors receive a complimentary souvenir!

Other Attractions
  • Create your own music video and e-mail it to your friends.
  • Watch old Heineken commercials
How to get the most out of your experience
  • Give yourself about 3 hours to take this self guided tour
  • Bring a camera as you will have many fun photo taking opportunities

Not a Heineken fan? Don’t worry! Amsterdam is one of the beer capitals of the world, with plenty of other options for beer connoisseurs and tasters to explore.

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