Have you developed new travel habits?

Many, many studies have shown that a recession can cause travelers to modify their travel plans. But it”s generally expected that after the economy recovers, that business and leisure travel will return to previous levels.

The trouble caused by the volcanic ash cloud appears to have more long-term effects on travel habits. Articles, like this column in the UK Times suggests, that people will think twice before jetting away for a weekend and may opt for destinations that can be online casino reached by ground transportation. Particularly if another eruption appears likely.

What do you think? Have your travel habits changed over the last few years? Will the threat of another ash cloud in the air keeping you grounded cause you to vacation closer to home? Or is the unknown unavoidable and therefore not worth changing your plans for?

On a lighter note, did you know that ash clouds could twitter? Well it appears as if they can. Follow @TheAshCloud.

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