Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel

Guangzhou, located in Southern China, is also considered a pearl on the Zhu Jiang River (Pearl River). The southern location determined its warm weather even during winter season. (For such weather, lots of the lower category hotels in Guangzhou do not provide heat even in winter, which is hardly bearable for a cold weather early 2008.) The Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel is only deluxe hotel by now in the “Economic Development Zone” in Guangzhou – a term you will see in most China cities, and almost everyone of them is located in suburbs since it’s designed for plants/factories.

The Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel is located within a huge community – Phoenix City, and most of the small gardens are residential areas, from apartment homes to luxury villas. This makes it a small city by itself – it even has shuttle busses operating inside the community. The hotel is truly a quiet place where you can really relax in this huge city.

Far away location does not mean inconvenience, guest stay in the Guangzhou Phoenix City Hotel can also share the convenience the local resident has a super market, various cuisines from a Japanese selection to a European selection, the local Cantonese Cuisine and fast food like MacDonald’s. Traffic to Guangzhou city is also simple, besides the community bus, hotels provide pick up services; taxis are also easy to hire. (Remember if any disputes with a taxi driver arise, hotel guests can complain directly to the hotel front desk.) 

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