It’s ok to be sad that summer is over. However, there’s so much to love about fall that you really can’t be that sad for that long.

If you’re looking for things to keep you busy this fall season, look no further. Here are some of the world’s best events and activities to keep you entertained all fall long.

Drink beer and eat pretzels at OktoberfestPretty oktoberfest blonde holding beers on a sunny day

Although Oktoberfest is coming to a close soon, it’s never too late to slap on the ol’ dirndl and lederhosen while stuffing your face with hefty beer steins and warm pretzels.

When: Now through October 3

Where: Munich, Germany

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Get your bluegrass on at Hardly Strictly Bluegrassshutterstock_408326476

Hardly Strictly is San Francisco’s pride and joy. The people and setting of this free music festival (yes, you read that correctly) make it one of the most, if not THE most fun and entertaining thing to do in SF. Plus, end of summer/beginning of fall means one thing for SF: the fog rolls away and the sun finally shows itself, just in time for this awesome lineup.

When: September 30 – October 2

Where: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

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Soar through the clouds at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiestaair-balloon-festival-954913_1920

Over 500 hot air balloons fly overhead at this magical 9 day festival. Additional entertainment representing all aspects of New Mexican culture can also be found here, making this a fun filled fiesta for people of all ages.

When: October 1-9

Where: Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Feel classy at the NYC Wine and Food Festivalwineglass-553467_1920

This star-studded event features the world’s most renowned wine and spirits producers, chefs, and some of America’s most esteemed TV chefs. The best part? 100% of the net proceeds benefit the No Kid Hungry® campaign and the Food Bank For New York City.

When: October 13-16

Where: More than 40 venues all over New York City

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Get a little crazy at Fantasy Festhuman-914033_1920

Street parties and costumed debauchery have never been so much fun. This year’s theme is “Political Voodoo & Ballot Box Barbarians” so you know it’s gonna be a good time.

When: October 21-30

Where: Key West, Florida

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Experience Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated every year in October or November. Signifying the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair, Diwali is usually associated with the goddess Lakshmi, of prosperity. Lighting candles, decorating your home, lighting fireworks, special prayers, gift exchanges, and feasts and sweets are just some common ways to observe the holiday.

When: October 30

Where: Anywhere, but especially India

Get your Halloween ondark-17604_1920

What began as a Pagan holiday, All Hallow’s Eve, as a way to remember the dead, has now become primarily a holiday to get dressed up, go trick-or-treating, eat lots of candy, go to a costume party, get scared at a haunted house, or even drink wine and stargaze in a cemetery. Halloween offers something for everybody. The adorable decorations adorning homes and stores and creatively carved pumpkins in every window make for one fun holiday atmosphere.

When: October 31

Where: Anywhere, but especially the US and Ireland

Pay your respects on Dia de los Muertossugar-skulls-254715_1920

This holiday honors the dead with lively celebrations and festivals that combine Catholic and indigenous Aztec rituals. By celebrating the dead with food, drink, parties, activities, and ofrendas– personalized altars honoring those who have passed- the dead are awakened from their eternal sleep to share in the celebrations with their loved ones. November 1st is Dia de los Inocentes, honoring children who have died. November 2nd honors the adults.

When: November 1-2

Where: Anywhere, but especially Mexico as well as the rest of Latin America

Let your inner glutton out at Baconfestbacon-1249487_1920

It’s a bacon festival held at America’s oldest, continuous open-air market. What’s there not to love?

When: November 5 – 6

Where: Easton Public Market, Pennsylvania

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Feel thankful (and very full) on Thanksgivingdinner-1060352_1280

The origin of Thanksgiving is hotly debated, but the most widely accepted belief is that the first official Thanksgiving was had in 1621, by the Pilgrims and Puritans who emigrated from England to the U.S., as a way to give thanks for the harvest and for the previous year. Today, Thanksgiving is meant for being thankful for all that one has, and doing so at a meal with family and/or friends while eating one’s weight in turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and anything else hearty and homey.

When: November 24

Where: The US

Take advantage of a Cyber Monday surprise with Last Minute Travelwoman-1169324_1920

Cyber Monday is one of the best days of the year to get your hands on a sweet deal. The Monday after Thanksgiving is when businesses advertise crazy sales for one day only and mobs of people go running in their jammies to their computers and phones to find the best online discounts of the year. Stay tuned for something special that Last Minute Travel will be doing….

When: November 28

Where: The US

If any of these excite you, check out fall deals at and download the LMT and WhaToDo apps to help you find the best deals on hotels, activities, and everything in between near your favorite event!

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