From the west coast to the east coast, take in the season with breathtaking fall foliage.

Your neighborhood park makes for a lovely backdrop for a brisk afternoon walk. Or how about make a weekend of it and visit somewhere farther afield? There’s really nothing better than a trip through the trees. 

Here are just a few favorite leaf-peeping places:

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington: Most roads are open through October with a variety of hiking trails to take in the lively colors.Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier National Park (Sunset at Tipsoo Lake) | ©Sveta Imnadze/Flickr

Yosemite National Park, California: Even though it is filled with many evergreens, this 1,200-square-mile park boasts big-leaf maple, black oaks and other vibrantly hued deciduous trees.Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley – Yosemite National Park | ©niemand und nichts/Flickr

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: Less than 80 miles from Denver, the well-planned roads in the park offer plenty of visitor access to scenic vistas and lowland meadows.Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park | ©Jerry and Pat Donaho/Flickr

Acadia National Park, Maine: Enjoy 47,000 stunning acres of wilderness — from shore to mountains.Acadia National Park

Acadia sunright | ©Jon Bush/Flickr

And with our always low-priced last-minute deals, you can easily visit one of the above locales, or discover one of your own. Happy viewing!

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