“Exciting” Fine Print!

OK – I know… it’s an oxymoron: “Exciting” and “Fine Print”.
But I discovered just how ‘exciting’ fine print can be when I got charged for two different hotels for the same day!

photo_Canada_NiagaraFalls_01When planning my photography adventure to upstate New York (you know, like Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes, the Catskill Mountains…), I found a beautiful state park perfect for scenic photos with my new Canon. So I found a nearby hotel for only $68 on LMTclub.com, and booked it.

Then, I proceeded to step two (which should have been step one) – I asked a friend from the Visit Rochester tourism board about places to go. He made recommendations that I couldn’t deny, and booked a hotel in the Rochester area.



Here’s the exciting part: The first hotel that I booked was “…within cancellation penalty of a full fare fee.” Meaning I lose payment on the first hotel.

Catskill lake

The trade-off was that I got the lower rate, and there were more flexible rates and policy options I could have gone with. It was right there in bold print before I booked.

Side note – This observation is very helpful when comparing rates from multiple sites.

Bonus Excitement: Look for other restrictive fine print for rental cars. Some rates and suppliers have special rates for international visitors, and you might find rules and restrictions such as this: FOREIGN DRIVER’S LICENSE – PASSPORT REQUIRED.

You don’t want to get to the counter with a US driver’s license and have to start the reservation and selection process all over again! We all know how exciting that is – ugh.

Not the excitement you were hoping for? Then take a quick look over the policies and restrictions before booking, and leave the excitement for the zip-line adventure in Costa Rica!

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