Dresden Room

Dresden Room

The Dresden Room is a lounge that serves Italian food, has a night club with live music and has been featured in many movies. Motion pictures Swingers and That Thing You Do were filmed in the Dresden Room along with many others. The bar’s blue glasses hold the house classic, Blood and Sand which is a space age Margarita, a must try. All of the Martinis and Manhattans are also good. The most recommended wine can be found on Dresden’s 33-bin wine list. Owners and founders Marty and Elayne perform Monday through Saturday from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am.


  • There is no street parking so you will need to pull into the alley behind the club and valet your vehicle for $3.50
  • THE Hollywood place to be seen
  • There is never a cover charge, if the place is absolutely packed there might be a two drink minimum
  • More affordable than Perino’s or Chasen’s

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