We’ve been cooking up something new! An app that makes planning a trip in advance or finding an activity on-the-go easier than downloading the app itself. The new WhaToDo app is now available on iOS and Android!

Now, people all across the globe can skip long lines and gain access to agent-level travel prices on thousands of activities in over 1,000 destinations around the world from the comfort of their mobile devices.phones2

Using the WhaToDo app gives you the ability not only to search for and to book any type of tour, show, attraction, recreational activity, meal, or airport transfer, but also allows you to make phone calls to any of the aforementioned items from within the app, as well as view these options in list-form or on the in-app map.

Looking for a fancy shmancy dinner cruise for your trip to Paris? Want to find the best show for the best deal in Las Vegas? Or are you just bored and can’t think of something to do for the day?

Regardless of the situation, if you ever don’t know what to do, now you do!

3 Replies to “The New WhaToDo Travel Application Has Arrived!

  1. I checked out the app and downloaded it and found it to be visually stunning. It’s a bonus that the rates are great too!

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