True balance is the ultimate key to good health. Whether it is a work-life balance, or a balanced diet, maintaining a balanced equilibrium in your life is the ideal way to achieve your best life. Traveling is no exception. While most people think of vacation as an opportunity for indulgence, gluttony, and forgoing anything healthy, the truth is that balance is actually possible. You can have fun, enjoy yourself, escape the day to day, and maintain a healthy lifestyle– without even realizing it.

Many cruise lines, such as Disney Cruises for example, have come to understand the importance of affording guests the opportunity to enjoy their cruise experience while also achieving a balance of relaxation, activity, and healthy eating. More so, with a cruise, you can choose to be active and relax every single day, or work toward a balance over the duration of your trip. The choice is yours.

The Active LifeDisney Cruise Fitness Center

Goofy’s Sports Basketball – Disney Dream | ©Ricky Brigante/Flickr

If you are one who struggles to sit still, there is a fully equipped fitness center aboard the ship to help passengers stay moving while the ship is underway. Away from the ship, you will not have to look very far for something to do.

Whether you enjoy biking, nature walks, or kayaking, the private Disney island of Castaway Cay has plenty to keep your heart pumping. Beach sports such as volleyball offer alternatives to those who prefer a more sporting way to get active.

Get CenteredDisney Cruise Spa

Disney Magic Reimagined Senses Spa 8 | ©Paul Brennan/Flickr

One of the biggest benefits of travel is the relaxation you find once you disconnect and focus on what truly matters to you. Some may find it hard to believe that relaxation is even possible on a ship designed primarily with kids in mind. However, Disney did not forget about their adult guests- and how important it is to re-center and recharge on vacation.

The ship’s spa, for example, offers rejuvenating massages, body wraps, facials, and aromatherapy. There is also an 18+ pool and whirlpool spa to ensure you achieve maximum relaxation. Away from the ship itself, Castaway Cay Island offers a true beachside retreat with Serenity Bay. Disney Cruise Castaway Cay Island

Minnie Mouse at Castaway Cay | ©Ricky Brigante/Flickr

Fuel Your FitnessDisney Cruise Snacks

Disney Cruise | ©Christine Urias/Flickr

Cruises tend to have a reputation for putting on the pounds- due largely in part to all the luxurious, rich, and indulgent cuisines that are available. However, what most people do not realize is that there are numerous healthy options to choose from as well.

Disney Cruise Lines offers cuisines for virtually any dietary need at their table service restaurants- whether it is gluten-free, vegetarian, no sugar added, dairy-free, or kosher. Additionally, a complete juice bar on select ships offers several blended beverages bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Healthy BalanceDisney Cruise

A Fantastical Morning in Jamaica | ©Scott Smith/Flickr

Taking a cruise is certainly one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to take a healthy vacation. With a Disney Cruise, you can achieve all the activity your body needs, rejuvenate yourself with plenty of relaxation, and fuel it all responsibility with numerous healthy dining options. Book your Disney Cruise today. Your health will thank you.

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